Photographs from Alt Summit Summer

By: Eden Hensley Photos by Alt Summit

The right image can make a post come alive. Teleport one to an event they were unable to attend. And transport one back in time. Throughout Alt Summit Summer you may have seen our two photographers, Brooke Dennis and Justin Hackworth, hard at work capturing all the fun. Their photos are available in the Alt Summit Flickr Gallery for your use.

How to Use Alt Summit Photographs

  • Include a photo or two in your blog posts or social media streams:
    • Embed the Flickr photograph in your blog post
    • Download the Flickr photograph, modify it as you want, and upload it to your blog post or social media stream.
  • Credit Alt Summit
    • In your blog posts, either of the following formats is fine: "Justin Hackworth or Brooke Dennis for Alt Summit" or "Photos by Alt Summit." Be sure to link to Alt Summit ( You can also link to Justin ( or Brooke ( 
    • If sharing on Instagram, either of the following formats is fine:  "Photos by @AltSummit" or "@JustinHackworth or @BrookeADennis for @AltSummit." Also include #AltSummit as we enjoy seeing what you loved about the conference. 

Using Photographs from Our Sponsors

Three of our sponsors set up photo booths at Alt Summit Summer: Bing, Pincushion, and Tiny Prints. Unlike the photographs for Alt Summit taken by Justin and Brooke, these photographs are All Rights Reserved and need to be shared a little differently.

To include sponsor photos on your blog, use the embeddable links and to share via social media, use the direct photo links. When sharing, be sure to let our sponsors know how much you love them.

  • If using the SmileBooth images from Day 1 or Day 2 from Bing please include the hashtags #AwesomewithBing and #ThanksBing.
  • If using the Flickr images from Pincushion please include the hashtag #PinSewCraft.

As soon the photos from The Garden Party Photo Booth sponsored by Tiny Prints and the head shots sponsored by Bing are available, we will share those links as well.