Focusing on What Matters: You

By: Eden Hensley Photo by: Brooke Dennis for Alt Summit

Getting ready to join us in Salt Lake City this month? Whether it is your first conference or your millionth conference, you may be nervous. And, if you are searching the Internet for tips and tricks, you may quickly find yourself overwhelmed. 

Whether you have been planning to join us since March or just found out you are coming, it is ok. Take a moment and read this advice from Laura Mayes of Blog con Queso, a five year Alt veteran, about things not to worry about, and then come right back. 

Many of us are introverts, so the idea of entering a room filled with more than a handful of friends can be terrifying. Relax. You are where you need to be -- a room filled with people who know what you are going through and can empathize. Joy of Frock Files eloquently writes about how she was having doubts before she got on a plane to her first Alt. (She came back last year and taught one of our Design Camps.)

Do you want to know the secret to having a great time? Find what works for you and go with that. Only you know what is right for you. If you find the various tips and tricks stressful, skip them.

Three Things Attendees Should Do

Take a minute to double check you have taken care of these three items:

  1. Book your travel. Or if local, map out directions to The Grand America.
  2. Reserve a room and/or get to know your roommates.
  3. Order your business cards. (Be sure they will arrive before you have to leave!)

Attending Conferences 101

Leading up to our conference this past January, Sara Urquhart, Founder of Alt, created Attending Conferences 101, five doable tips for helping with your jitters. 

  1. Realizing when you're full, you're full
  2. Opening yourself to learning by first relaxing
  3. Being receptive to information you think you already know 
  4. Recognizing "the" checklist to success does not exist 
  5. Understanding you do not have to try everything

These tips all have one thing in common, they start with you, knowing what you want out of Alt and taking care of yourself when you are in Salt Lake City. Two other resources from past attendees that I have found helpful are: a how-to survival guide from Melissa Bahen of Lulu the Baker and 21 tips from Mara Kofoed of A Blog About Love.

Putting Your Best Foot Forward

As we count down the weeks (less than three) and the days (under sixteen) until we all arrive in Salt Lake City for this summer's conference, we will be sharing some actions anyone, whether they are coming to Alt Summit or not, can take to be at their best. We will talk about practicing how to say hello (also know as your elevator pitch), presenting a consistent brand across social media (who are you in two sentences or less), and more.  

Got a great post about preparing for Alt? Share it on Twitter or Facebook and tag AltSummit. We will be including some in upcoming posts.