Alt Summit Summer Meet Our Sponsors

Photo by: Justin Hackworth for Alt Summit

As we organize and plan each conference, our attendees are at the forefront of our mind. That is why we team with sponsors that we know you'll be excited to collaborate with. And they're just as excited to work with you! 

To help you as you plan your schedule for Alt Summer, yesterday, we introduced you to six of our sponsors, and today, we're happy to introduce you to six more.

We can't wait to see how you connect and collaborate! 

Photo by: Brooke Dennis for Alt Summit


As strong supporters of the creative community, Bing is designed to help you best accomplish your goals — from the everyday to the extraordinary. With a mission to empower people with knowledge, Bing moves beyond the search box to power intelligent experiences across a range of devices. Plus, Bing is the only search engine that offers you Rewards simply for searching, on your laptop, tablet or mobile phone. They're finding creative ways to work with bloggers daily and would love to see what you dream up! 

Photo by: Justin Hackworth for Alt Summit


The MailChimp team loves what they do and they love meeting people who love what they do too. That's you! If you currently use, are looking for ways to improve, or are working to implement regular newsletters as part of your business, they are the people you want to talk to. Trust us, we're big fans. 


Pincushion began out of a need to share creative talents with others, and they continue to search out new ideas for inspirational sewing, yarn, and needlework projects. Sound right up your alley? Connect and generate original and imaginative content together. 

Photo by: Justin Hackworth for Alt Summit


If you're a bit tired of having 100 tabs open, you may want to learn more about Flipboard. It's the single place to discover, collect and share the news you care about. Add your favorite social networks, publications and blogs to stay connected to the topics and people closest to you — all in the most visually appealing way possible. It's quite the amazing app and we know you'll love it. 

Majestic Media

None of us would turn down an opportunity to connect with some of the biggest names in the lifestyle industries. Majestic Media is a full-service agency that specializes in helping brands connect with bloggers to form partnerships that benefit both. Sounds like the kind of people we want on our team. 


With more than 300 different innovative products, Munchkin has a clever solution for almost any parenting dilemma. Whether it is a feeder that safely introduces your baby to fresh food, or a bath ducky that warns if the water is too hot, Munchkin knows it’s the little things® in a parent’s life that often make the biggest difference.

Twitter: @Munchkin_Inc Instagram: @Munchkininc Pinterest: @Munchkin