What Kind of Blogger are You?

Image by Alt Summit

By Sara Urquhart of Alt

While Alt’s purpose is to focus on the business of blogging, plenty of members of our community have not made blogging a business, but they still find plenty of connection, inspiration, and practical wisdom here. In fact, they offer those same things to the rest of the community, too. Either professional or hobby blogging might be better for an individual, but one isn’t better than the other in terms of what each brings to our vibrant and diverse community.

You might have begun your blog as a place to connect with others, share your projects and ideas, and create a space online that’s all your own. Maybe you began with the intention of turning it into a full time job. After working hard to create great content and build a community, you find yourself with an important decision to make. Will you monetize in hopes of making a career? Or will you continue to blogging as a great, fulfilling hobby?

For some people, when monetization becomes a possibility, it may not feel natural. It may feel like it’s going to change your content or be distracting to your real passions. Maybe you’re up for the demands of having to create consistent content, or maybe your creativity flows better when you’re not under pressure. It’s a decision with many factors, but if you find there aren’t enough motivating positives associated with the process of becoming a professional blogger, then honor yourself by owning that decision.

Enjoy blogging for the opportunities it offers for connectivity and creativity, for learning and for fun. You’ll find there is still much to glean from—and offer to—the Alt community in terms of reading and sharing blog posts, sparking creative ideas, finding inspiration, developing great work habits, fine tuning life balance, dealing with criticism, and doing good.

We give you permission to take your blog where you want to take it. If the business side excites you, go for it. If it is your style to keep things low-key and less business-like, perfect. There is a full-range to choose from. Everyone’s welcome at Alt, there is room for all and we’re so glad you’re here.