Do Business Cards Matter?

By Sara Urquhart Photo by Justin Hackworth 

The short answer: yes. Though we live and work in a digital world, a small physical object like a business card is still a significant tool for your business, especially at a conference like Alt. The way your card looks and feels communicate who you are, what you represent and value, and what your brand priorities are. It’s as important as an elevator pitch [link to elevator pitch] in terms of offering a quick synopsis of your story and your brand.

Particularly at a conference for people heavily weighted toward the visual, a card that accurately represents you can also serve as a hook when people review their cards at home. When your card associates strongly with your brand’s story, people will remember that story when they’re sorting through their stack of cards days or weeks after the conference.

At Alt you’ll find an incredible variety of business cards, and some of the most beautiful cards you’ll ever see. Remember, a thoughtful and effective business card is small enough to fit in a pocket or purse. Trust good design over cumbersome gifts, and remember that sometimes less is more.

As you plan your business card, consider what you’re most passionate about and what you want to communicate. What’s the association you want to create? What’s the benefit to the recipient? What’s the message you’re hoping to send?