Alt Upcoming Events

By: Melanie Blodgett

We're thrilled with your response and enthusiasm for the announcement about Martha Stewart joining us in SLC, and we have several more items on the docket we want you to know about on this beautiful Monday. 

Alt on Topic: Photo Styling 

The next Alt on Topic is happening this week and it's all about photo styling curated by House of Brinson. Whenever the Brinsons teach for Alt, on or off line, their classes are in high demand. Spend your Saturday with your feet up, learning everything from making food photos jump off the screen to becoming the art director of your own photo shoot. Registration is open right here. It's going to be stunningly good. 

Photography Design Camp: Los Angeles 

Also, coming right up is our Photography Design Camp taking place in the sunny city of Los Angeles sponsored by Bing. Take a few hours with Tracey Clark to boost your camera skills, meet fellow creatives, and nosh on a tasty lunch. We can guarantee it will be much more entertaining than thumbing through your photography manual and a lot more helpful too. Register right here

Alt SLC Summer 

Alt SLC Summer is a little over a month away! Be sure to check out our recently updated speaker page. The full schedule (including another incredible keynote) will be announced shortly. 

Dying to win a ticket to Alt SLC Summer? Happily, we've teamed up with Every Mother Counts and are giving away tickets the entire month of May! You can read all the details here. We're looking forward to reading more of your posts.