Build Your Blogging Skills and Alt Chat

By: Jenny Batt

Work hard and keep at it. Blogging is hard and in order to make it a full time job you have to organize your time and make sacrifices. Yesterday in #AltChat we talked about the above quote, from Kira of Her New Leaf, "Don't sit around and wait." What does that mean to you? #AltChat happens every Wednesday at 9am PST on Twitter. Join us next week as we'll have another quote from our Alt Community. We teach and share with each other, because here at Alt, that's what we do. No topic is off limits. Have a suggestion? Let us know in the comments or tweet it at us using #altchat and #altsummit.

The LA Design Camp just opened with Tracey Clark and would be a great way to improve those phototgraphy skills you've been working on. Not in the LA area? No problem! Check out our online options with Alt on Topic: Photography in April and Alt on Topic: Photo Styling in May.