It's Not Too Late To Reach Out To Alt Sponsors

By: Natasha Lawler of Minted  Photo by: Justin Hackworth

I know ALT was over a month ago, but it’s really not too late to follow up with brands you met and love. Let’s be honest it took us a couple of weeks to recover, then there was the long weekend, and another couple of weeks to catch back up on the work that didn’t get done while we were in Salt Lake, so really aren’t we all just getting back on our feet now?

  • Do reach out and thank them for sponsoring ALT! Sponsors go to great lengths and expense to make conferences like ALT awesome and love to be acknowledged.
  • Do reach out with a specific idea of how you might work together.
  • Do include some basic stats about your site (unique visitors per month, page views, Instagram followers, etc.)
  • Don’t ask for the moon on your first contact. 
  • Don’t send the same email to everyone; customize it as much as possible for each potential partner.
  • Do it right now! The window of opportunity is still open, but closing quickly… and short and sweet is way better than a long, perfect email that never gets written.

This post was written and sponsored by Natasha Lawler of Minted