Announcing Alt Design Camps!

By: Melanie Blodgett Photo by: Justin Hackworth

Here comes giant announcement #2: We're also happy as can be to introduce Alt Design Camps. 

Design Camps are in-depth, two-day events held all over the country and each event is focused on one particular topic. Think graphic design, photography, growing your community, and blog advertising. Here is where you can expect us this year:

// Atlanta // Chicago // Charleston // New York City // San Francisco //

Los Angeles // Portland //

// Toronto // Vancouver // Boston // Minneapolis // Austin // Houston // Seattle // Boston //

These events are very different than our Salt Lake events, each topic will be discussed for two days, and you'll come away with a much deeper understanding of the subject than a 90-minute panel can provide. Think of it as an intense crash course. The topic will be specific and the information will run deep. Each event will be geared toward locals and tickets will be limited to 40 people.