A Big Thank You to Our Alt Reps

By: Melanie Blodgett Photo by: Justin Hackworth

As we've shared, Alt is run by a (very tiny) army. When the conference hits our team of five is usually frantic running from one place to the next so we're so grateful to have recruited Alt Reps this year to make sure everything ran smoothly. And they did a stellar job! 

If you didn't have the pleasure to meet one of these gals in Salt Lake, we'd like to introduce them to you now.

Emily Jeffords is an artist, mother of two little girls, co-founder of Trouve Magazine, and good coffee lover, living in the South. Find her writings and admire her beautiful paintings at Beautiful Hello

Ellen Foord blogs at Minnow + Co, a lifestyle site with a DIY slant. She says she's "been making life a little prettier since I could sling a pair of scissors," and she's currently teaching her son to do the same. 

The delightful MJ has a lot of roles: graphic designer, social media specialist, mother of three and blogger (just to name a few). You can enjoy her latest projects at Pars Caeli

Paige Meredith started her blog, Approaching Joy, as an escape from grad school. Turns out that escape turned into a beautiful community that she's still cultivating with her skills as a photographer, maker and habitual list maker. 

A big fat thank you to each of these ladies. You make Alt shine!