We're Taking Blog Submissions!

By: Melanie Blodgett Photo by: Brooke Dennis

We've been reading through your Alt recaps and wow you guys, you're so darn brilliant and inspiring. Have you heard that lately? Because it's true! Since you are clearly the experts, we would love to have you share your skills and knowledge with us and the entire Alt community. That's right, we’re looking for guest posts from you. Submit a blog post and show us what you’ve got. We’ll choose the best and most helpful posts and publish them for all our community to benefit from. 

Here are a few of the general topics we are looking for:

1. Building Community

2. Working with Sponsors

3. Growing Your Readership

4. Photography Tips & Tricks

5. Creating Content & Defining your Voice

6. Skills (Photoshop, iMovie, Illustrator, Coding, etc)

7. Networking

8. Generating Income

9. Collaborating

10. Business Skills (Accounting, Legal, Image Copyright, Analytics, etc)

There are tons of topics and we couldn’t possibly list them all here. Excel at something or figure out the secret to X, Y or Z? Please share your secrets with us in a blog post and send it along.

While these topics are broad, we want specific and detailed posts. We’re looking for specific and action item driven posts, with details and take-aways that someone can use to improve their blog and business.

Please see below for a few helpful tips and requirements for your blog posts:

  • Please include one photo (600px wide) with your post- the photo must be either original to you or sourced with original link credit included in the text.


  • We find the most popular Alt blog posts usually run between 400-700 words and our most successful posts include lists, bullet points or easy tips and tricks. We would love for you to break down your topic in this way. The written post must be at least 300 words. 
  • We edit every post fully before publishing - words, sections, or thoughts from your posts might be updated to fit the Alt blog flow and overall conference concept. Please include the blog/portfolio link you would like credited along with your post.
  • You can submit more than one post for consideration, please do so in separate emails.
  • Post submitted must be original unpublished content.
  • If chosen, you will receive $30 for your post. You will be notified whether or not your post was accepted.
  • All posts must be submitted before 2/26 to be considered for publishing in this round.

Sound good? Please submit your post as a doc or txt file and send to jenny@altitudesummit.com with "Blog Submission" in the subject line for consideration.

We're looking forward to hearing from you!