Alt Channel Schedules Are Up

By: Jenny Batt Photo: Justin Hackworth

In the blogging community it's all about the details. We get that. So we wanted to let you know that the February and March schedules have been listed so you can get the details about upcoming Alt Channel classes. We've gathered expert teachers on topics near and dear to your hearts. Justin in case you haven't heard the news, Alt Channel has a major change this year! We are going to be holding our monthly Alt Channel classes all on the same day. Each month will have a different theme and the attendees will sign up for the whole day. There will be one classroom and we will just roll all day long, going from class to class. In February get started on the right foot and make 2014 the year you started your blog. Our first day of Alt On Topic: Blogging 101 is next Tuesday, have you signed up? Remember that each session runs all day and is limited to 100 participants. Register today to secure your spot. Have you already been blogging for a while? Join us in March to take your blog to the next level and turn it into a business.

Click here to see the full schedule for February.

Click here to see the full schedule for March.

What's your goal this year? We're here to help. Be sure to send any suggested topics to us and let us know what you need to learn this year to make it the best ever.