Question Patterns to Uncover New Opportunities

By: Sara Urquhart of Alt Summit; Photo by Brooke Dennis for Alt Summit 

Habits and routines have value for many reasons: they provide structure to our days and direction for personal and business improvement. We find security in knowing what to expect, knowing how to approach challenges, and how much work is required to meet our goals. Patterns are the backbone of our daily work, but they’re also very comfortable, and unexamined, can lead to stagnation.

To ensure your patterns are serving you, think about why they’ve developed. Were they conscious choices to address a specific need? Or did they become habits by default or through urgency?

Consider exploring alternatives to the way you’ve “always” done something. Think about the routines and conventions your brand has developed—even if they’re successful—and ask yourself or your team why you’re doing things that way. Is it as successful as it could be? Is it as successful as it used to be? Are there new options you haven’t considered yet? Can you improve an aspect of performance, workflow or customer experience?

Looking at the patterns you’ve developed with a critical eye is a great way to make sure you’re not running on autopilot. If you are, I can guarantee that questioning those patterns will lead to new growth.