Case Study in Problem Solving: Mini Parties

By: Sara Urquhart of Alt Summit; Photos by Brooke Dennis for Alt Summit

When we find something in our business that isn’t working, we have a great opportunity to develop an innovative idea. Challenges are fertile ground for creative thinking.

When we were planning Alt Salt Lake a few years ago, we knew we wanted parties on Thursday night and Friday night, but those parties were expensive, and it was difficult to find single sponsors with the budget for them. We had a need for two great social experiences for our attendees, but a problem funding both.

As we brainstormed options for Thursday night, we came up with the idea of mini-parties, a series of small parties in suites on the same floor of the hotel. The experience would feel cohesive to attendees as they moved from room to room, but we could offer sponsors smaller spaces to host and decorate, making the mini-parties accessible and attractive to multiple sponsors.

What originated as a problem has become one of our favorite events and certainly one of the most creative. The mini-parties are a win for sponsors and a win for attendees, which of course makes them a win for us.

How can creative problem solving help you discover the opportunity that’s hiding behind that challenge your business is facing? 

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