Friday Links: Creating Content that Wows

By: Eden Hensley; Photos by: Brooke Dennis for Alt Summit

Content creators often have one of two problems. Deciding what to write about. Or, finding the perfect graphic to complement your prose.

Get into the Mind of Your Reader

Many swear by editorial calendars when it comes to consistently producing quality content. But depending on how detailed your calendar is (minimal calendars often have just a keyword or topic idea identified for a day) you may still find yourself staring at a blank screen looking for inspiration about what to write.

The Content Marketing Institute has got you covered when it comes to creating content! Ideas about types of content readers crave, strategies for mixing up your type of content effectively, and examples of great content.

Maybe you are swimming in ideas and looking to narrow down which one you should write about. Amy Lynn Andrews has five tips on how to turn an idea into content your readers will crave.

Complement Prose with Images and Infographics

Now that you have your idea and potentially your prose, it is time to think about your graphics. Those you include in your post and those you share on social media.

These sixteen free tools will give your graphics and posts a little more pizazz. Included in the round up is stock photography, fonts, and one software program that transforms content drafted in Word or Evernote into clean HTML for posting on your blog. Who does not need that?

Optimize Graphics

When you are done, it is time to optimize your graphics for your promotion needs. With the Social Image Resizer Tool you can easily resize your images for each social media platform.