The Balance Between Reality and Goals

By Kelly Smith; Photos by Brooke Dennis for Alt Summit

"Create a life that feels good on the inside, not one that just looks good on the outside." - Hilary Rushford, Dean Street Society

The first thing that comes to mind when I read this quote is that famous episode of Saved By The Bell where Jesse goes way overboard trying to be perfect at everything and it all comes crashing down. Really, this topic is debated, discussed, and reworked over and over because it is such an important element of daily life. Especially for those of us whose work life spills directly over into our home life and is available for the world to see, judge, and comment.

Last month, we held an Alt chat dedicated to the topic and the discussion was that of honesty, genuine concern, and hearty advice.

Ten Ways to Love the Life You Have

Here are ten ways to focus on loving the life you have:

  1. "Instead of trying to be externally impressive, we should do things that sit right with our hearts." - Christy of Avoiding Atrophy@christyoshoney
  2. "Everything on the outside will eventually fade, it's the inside that will matter always."
    - Addie of Old New World@OldWorldNewGirl
  3. "I believe that if you're doing what you love, you'll balance. Keep in mind that balance doesn't have to be 50/50." - Lindsey of Building a Vision, ‏@lindseys_vision
  4. "I love a lot of things. So I generally do at least one thing I like a day. It's easy to forget that during the slog. And I think those things build character and discipline! They're still valuable, if not enjoyable." - Lisa of Lisli - The Journal@_lisli
  5. "For me it doesn't get achieved in 40 hours - more like 80 hours. But when you love it, it doesn't matter." - Mariah of Oh What Love@mariahdanielsen
  6. "I often make lists of what I HAVE to do and things I'd LOVE to do, and I make sure to pay equal attention to both." - Christy of Avoiding Atrophy‏@christyoshoney
  7. "I stay realistic on my priorities and try to stay positive when my needs have to come before my wants!" - Haley of Roots & Whim, ‏@RootsAndWhim
  8. "Don't stress with perfection. Do your best. Breathe deeply. Take a break. Schedule your to-do's. Laugh often." - Gina of Creativity Done By Gina, ‏@ginapalha
  9. "To me they are intertwined: if I don't have balance I can't do what I love well. Without doing what I love, I can't have balance." - Davon D. E. Hatchett of The Bubbleista,  @TheBubbleista
  10. "Set realistic schedules (emphasis on realistic!) and show myself some grace. Art should be fun!" - Christy of Avoiding Atrophy‏@christyoshoney

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