Alt Summit Winter 2015 Speakers Round One

It is Thanksgiving season. And you know what we are thankful for this year? Getting to be a part of this active, vibrant, creative community. The support, learning and enthusiasm that we see shared among this group of talented people wows us completely. Thank you, thank you!

Alt Summit Winter 411

For those of you attending Alt Summit Winter 2015, we know you are busy checking your registration, looking for a roommate, and thinking about how to prepare. If you are unsure where to start, our blog is the best place! Whether you are a first-time attendee or a veteran, this five-part Attending Conferences 101 series by Sara is extremely helpful:

  1. Realizing when you're full, you're full
  2. Opening yourself to learning by first relaxing
  3. Being receptive to information you think you already know 
  4. Recognizing "the" checklist to success does not exist 
  5. Understanding you do not have to try everything

As our January conference approaches, we will be posting relevant tips on how to get the most out of your Alt Summit experience. Want more now? Search Attending Conferences 101 for how to start connecting with Alt Summit Winter 2015 sponsors, perfecting your elevator pitch, saying hello offline and online consistently, and more!

Speaker Announcements!

And just to get your heart pumping, we are thrilled to announce that the first round of speakers have been announced, and can be found right here. Get ready, because this fantastic group is gearing up to challenge, engage, and inspire your work.

Be sure to watch for more speaker announcements over the next couple of weeks. Today's list includes about 1/3 of the speakers, so there are many more to come. And the keynotes! We have not told you about the awesome keynotes. Stay tuned!