Attending Conferences 101: Is Rebranding Right for You?

By: Eden Hensley; Photo by: b.a.d photography for Alt Summit

With Alt Summit Winter 2015 only 70 days away, you may be contemplating a minor brand refresh or a total rebrand. Before diving in to either, step back. Think about what you hope to achieve with a new look.

Do you want a fresh outlook or need a new direction because you have outgrown your current branding?

Rebranding may be the right solution for you. If your existing brand no longer aligns with your business goals and priorities. If your existing brand perception is outdated. If your brand image and messaging are a patchwork. These are all valid reasons.

If you do decide a rebrand is right for you:

Substance 151 cautions that rebranding should not be a knee-jerk reaction and outlines how to align your branding strategy and design. GCI gives five tips for remaining sane through the process. Onextrapixel presents a few examples of logo rebrands and explains what works.