Alt Chat Wednesday: Becoming an Expert

By: Eden Hensley; Photo by Justin Hackworth for Alt Summit

Success in business often depends on two things. Skills. And recognition by others for those skills. 

Yet, many creatives are hesitant to share their hopes and dreams until they feel they are the best at what they do. We look at others in our field and set our bar there. But we are doing ourselves a disservice if we do that.

No one starts out being the best. Everyone we look up to today and, consciously or not, compare ourselves to was once a beginner. They once struggled with what we think they now do effortlessly. The difference between them and us? They have had longer to practice, to get good, to develop a supportive network, and become known for what they do. 

Instead of watching what they are doing, focus on your skills, your work, on getting good. And while you are working on honing your craft, build your network. Let your community know what you are doing. Because, if people do not know what you are good at and what opportunities you are looking for, they cannot recommend you and they will not know to share opportunities they find.

Join us Wednesday, November 12th 9AM PT/12PM ET on Twitter for #AltChat when we discuss how to recognize yourself for the expert you are and how to let others know about your expertise without feeling salesy. 

If you are new to Twitter chats, take a moment to review How to Participate in a Twitter Chat.

Five Ways to Share Your Expertise (and Promote Yourself)

Once you recognize your expertise, it is time to start telling people. How? Here are some quick rules of thumb:

What are your favorite ways for sharing your expertise with your community?