Friday Links: Halloween DIYs from Alt Alumni

By: Kelly Smith; Photo by: Kelly Smith for Alt Summit

There is nothing more spooky or ghoulish than a last minute DIY mishap or a forgotten holiday discount code. Whatever you do, do not push publish on something subpar just because the deadline (pun intended) is upon you. The most magical thing about each holiday is that it comes around once every year. So wait, plan ahead, and spook us with spectacular photos, devilish details, and styling that makes us drop dead.

In the meantime, study these DIY experts (and Alt Summit alumni) who know how to put the spook in your boots.


And this is only the very tip of the iceberg. If you are serious about jumping in the game next Halloween, start a Pinterest board, collect as many stunning projects as you can find, and before you know it a pattern of perfection will emerge. Each blogger has their own style, their own taste, and each of them let their talents shine through in their details, their writing, and their consistency. All you need to do is figure out these elements for yourself and your brand. 

Until then, happy Halloween!