More Alt SLC Recaps

By: Jenny Batt Photo by: Justin Hackworth

One of our favorite things to do is to read recap posts; we love seeing Alt through your eyes and experiences. So here's the next installment of posts for your viewing pleasure. Keep them coming and tweet with the hashtag #altsummit so we can find them to share.

You know it was a good party if you are pulling peel-apart film wrapping from your pockets for two days.

Everyone was open and kind and genuine.

Your business card at Alt is the equivalent to what you wear to a fashion show.

The sponsors really pulled out all of the stops.

Mind blown by Alt Summit.

 I loved getting to connect with so many fantastic creatives and smart business women.

I feel like I was in a blogger blender for a few days (in the best way).

More to come. Stay tuned and tag those tweets!