Alt SLC 2014 Recaps

By: Jenny Batt Photos by: Justin Hackworth and Brooke Dennis

Let the recaps begin! We love reading them and we love sharing them so be sure to tag it #altsummit when you tweet them and we'll share it on our blog. Here's the first of many recap round up posts, we're glad you had as much fun as we did!

I ditched my elevator pitch.

Authenticity, Persistence, and Originality

I heard someone else say that we get out of it exactly what we need, and I think that’s probably true.

The night before I headed out to the conference, I narrowed down my goals, and the first (and the one in big block letters) was: Connect with friends.

Why I'm addicted to Alt Summit.

I would give it to you just like Alt itself : a lottttttt of helpful info crammed into a very short period of time.

I learned a lot about blogging, had a lot of fun, and found out what I look like after only sleeping four hours a night for three nights.

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