How to Use Bing Ads Credits

By: Bing Photo by: Brooke Dennis

If you’ve received a credit for the Bing Ad Network at Alt Summit, we want to help you get started.First, here are some reasons you’ll want to get your brand on Bing Ads:

Increase traffic to your blog with Bing Ads

Get found on two search engines: Yahoo Search and Bing (The Yahoo Bing Network)

Tap into our audience: 167.6 million unique searchers in the US

Target new readers locally or nationally

It’s simple to enter in the code when you sign up for Bing Ads, but here is some more guidance so you are off to a good start.

1. Set up payment

TIP: Once a coupon is redeemed, you have 90 days or until the expiration date to use the credit. You need to spend the full amount before the coupon expires.

2. Add the coupon code

  • On the Accounts & Billing page, click the Payment Methods tab.
  • Click Add Coupon, enter the coupon code, and then click Redeem.

TIP: Make sure there are no spaces at the beginning or end of your code.

3.  Spend your coupon and review charges

  • On the Accounts & Billing page, click the Billing tab.
  • In the Show activity for list, select a time that encompasses the period when you were using the coupon.
  • To view a billing statement, click the invoice number.
  • TIP: The last page of the billing statement has a table shows how the coupon was applied at an account level, including amount, status, redemption date, expiration date, and the amount spent to date.

BONUS TIP: If you already advertise on Google Adwords, you can easily import your campaigns into Bing Ads.

Detailed instructions for entering a coupon code can be found here.  You can find more help on getting started with Bing Ads here, and if you’d like additional support, please Contact Support.

*comScore Explicit Core Search (custom), June 2013. The Yahoo Bing Network includes Microsoft and Yahoo Core Search sites in the United States.

This post was written by and sponsored by Bing.