A Tidy Office Space is the Key to Creative Thinking

By: Shark Cleaning Photo by: Stoffer Phototgraphy via Style Me Pretty

As influential bloggers, the trends you set spread beyond the space you use to craft your messaging. Your home office is often where you generate these ideas; it’s your think tank where you curate creative thoughts. Therefore, keeping your office clean is important because it allows you to stay focused, organized, inspired and healthy.

Keeping a spotless work space can be easy! A simple solution is to tackle the mess as soon as you make it, and if you absolutely don’t have time at that moment, make sure you take care of itbefore you finish for the day so you start fresh in the morning.

Below are a few additional reasons and tips that explain why it’s so important to keep the office clean.

 ·         Clean Space –Clear Mind. Having a dirty space can cause a decline in productivity because you are constantly taking a break from your work to tidy up a mess.

·        Keep organized. A cluttered office space can cause you to misplace key documents. Lost paperwork can slow down a project or worse, ruin the idea at large. Avoid that headache by keeping your space arranged with folders and labeled bins.

·         Remain Healthy. Being ill isn’t fun for anyone, especially for you, the influencer, who has numerous readers looking forward to and depending on the content you develop. By keeping a fresh, germ-free space, you decrease your chance of getting sick.

·         Get inspired. A neat space allows more room for decorations! What’s more fun than creating an office filled with lovely décor such as family photos, trinkets, artwork or fresh flowers that can boost your work.

Working in a sparkling-clean space positively affects productivity and helps keep your creative juices flowing; ensuring that you are reaching your ultimate performance by providing your readers with the top-notch content. So look around.  What’s stopping you from keeping your space blissful, organized and clean? 

Need tools to keep your office squeaky-clean? Start at the ground with the Shark Steam & Spray. This tool has disposable and washable micro-fiber pads that use super-heated steamto offer 99.9 percent sanitization*, killinggerms and bacteriawith no residue left behind*. The super-heated steam combined withnon-toxic, Steam Energized™ Cleanser breaks down dirt leaving your hard floors spotless.

Avoid a pause in your work because of crumbs on your floor or dust on your bookshelf by keeping your space clean with the Shark Rocket vacuum. This tool can not only pick up the dirt off your floor and get those high, hard to reach spots, but it can also clean nooks and crannies – like your keyboard or your office chair.

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 *In STEAM mode only under controlled test conditions, results may vary

 This post was written and sponsored by Shark.