Why Content Is King

By: Kelly Beall  Photo by: Oh Happy Day

You've heard it roughly one million times and chances are you're going to hear it one million more: Content is king. It's also one of the key components to growing your blog. Do it right and often and you'll find yourself with more readers than you know what to do with.

1. It's sharable.

When your readers like what you're creating, they naturally want to spread it around. And when your content gets pollinated your visibility grows exponentially.

2. It's a connection.

That's right, it's a great in to connecting on a deeper level. Whether that connection is the result of an uber personal post or a totally out of the box DIY, it resonates and reverberates.

3. It makes you stand out.

You're putting the extra thought and energy into creating something new and original, and that doesn't go unnoticed. Do it often enough and you won't be able to keep track of all of your new readers!

4. It grows trust.

By creating consistently original content, you're creating a lasting relationship with those who visit your blog. And a little trust goes a long way, making them more likely to spread the word of you far and wide.

5. It gives a reason to return.

Consistent, quality content is its very own reason for your readers to keep coming back to visit you and your blog. And to bring everyone they know with them!