Pinning Like a Pro

By: Kelly Beall  Photo by: Justin Hackworth

Keeping up with Pinterest can actually be a very valuable tool in growing your blog's audience. Think about it, the internet can be one gigantic wormhole! I can't even give you a number for how many times a pin has led me to a wonderful new site. Here are a few tips on making the most of your Pinterest presence.

1. Get Set Up (Correctly). 

Use the name of your blog or brand as your account name. Thoughtfully fill out your profile, don't rush through. Prep your site for pinning directly from it with a widget or the equivalent your platform uses.

2. Send Traffic (Both Ways). 

Make sure images on your site are pin-able as well as sized reasonably (I like 500-600 px wide.) Share the content from your site on Pinterest, I keep mine to one designated board.

3. Follow Etiquette. 

Keep your comments positive kind, if you wouldn't say them to someone's face keep them to yourself. Don't infringe on copyrights and make sure to credit original sources. Keep self-promotion reasonable.

4. Do Your Research. 

Keep track of recent activity on your account (repins and likes). Pay attention to other pinots/boards/brands similar to yours. Check your analytics for Pinterest traffic. 

Hot Tips:

• It's a free focus group! Test out things you would like to share on your blog and gauge reaction.

• Feel free to branch out from your usual blog topics with varied pins.

• Use the secret board to bookmark things for future blog posts.

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