How to Leverage New Blog Traffic When It Comes In

By: Kelly Beall  Photo by: Justin Hackworth

 So maaaybe you took my Expanding Your Audience class, took advantage of all the action items, and now have more readers than you know what to do with. (You totally did, right?) The next step might be a little bit more challenging, getting all of those new eyeballs to hang around can be tricky. Here are some great links that can help you hang on to that audience you've worked so hard to build up.

How to convert casual visitors into dedicated subscribers.

Drive visitors to your archives for a more in-depth experience on your blog.

Now this is interesting, 34 reasons why readers unsubscribe.

How to surf those "traffic tsunamis" that show up on the best days.

Get readers to spend more time on your site and increase page views.

Rely on the relationships you've already built.

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