Lessons From The First Alt For Everyone

By: Sara Urquhart Photo by: Justin Hackworth

I’m thrilled about what we learned from our first Alt for Everyone earlier this year, and so excited about our next online event. Alt for Everyone confirmed everything I’ve been learning about the Alt community for years. This is a strong, generous, enthusiastic, inclusive community that is ready to experiment with new platforms and ideas.

We created Alt for Everyone for two main reasons. First, we understand that it’s a huge commitment to come to a real life event, both financially and in terms of time. Additionally, there are more people who want to come to our in-person events than we can accommodate. We hoped an online conference could address both issues.

We were committed to offering an affordable price with incredible content that would match or exceed what you’d experience at a real life event. We wanted adaptable participation that could work with a variety of schedules that included a social aspect to promote collaborations and networking. And we wanted an out-of-the-park inspiring keynote speaker.

Something I completely adore about this wonderful community is the fact that no one was 100% certain this platform would meet their needs, but they jumped on board anyway with excitement and enthusiasm. And once we were all there, attendees were very generous. If somebody had missed notes or come late to class, there were always offers to share what they had gathered.

Characteristic of the Alt community, people were friendly in the chats, looked to make connections beyond the classes and exchanged emails and blog love. We’ve seen new collaborations develop among Alt for Everyone attendees, and that always makes me smile. Whether attendees were brand new to the community and just contemplating starting a blog or an 8-year veteran, everyone was helpful and welcoming. Questions were answered respectfully, with an admirable intention of sharing (not protecting) information and building a strong community.

There's still a few spots available for Alt for Everyone later this month, be sure to sign up today so you don't miss the second round!