Goals: You Won't Know Until You Try

By: Sara Urquhart Photo by: Justin Hackworth. 

When I think of a goal, I think of it as a big idea. For me, a goal is going to be a big, very bold, almost impossible kind of statement. I’ll break those bold statements into smaller, measurable pieces and start moving.

I’m comfortable I will not reach every one of my goals. I’ll begin making plans on multiple things at once, knowing completely that I cannot accomplish everything required for every big idea. But I don’t know yet which ideas will stick. Which will get the traction required for completion? I won’t know until I try.

The very same day we started Alt Summit, some other partners and I started a social media conference for politicians. At the same time I started a masters degree in a completely different field and I began some community projects in my hometown. I was definitely busy getting all these balls rolling, but after spending some time with each of them, I could clearly see which projects were most viable, and which brought me the most satisfaction.

If you’re looking to become a “better blogger,” I encourage you to focus that into concrete, measurable, and bold action items. Does that mean improving your photography with photography classes? Do you need business classes? A collaboration with another blogger? An editorial calendar?  A mentor relationship? Decide on the first step and then commit to do the work. It generally won’t be fast or easy, but you’ll never know if it will be a success until you give it a try.