You Have Great Lighting At Home

By: Jennifer Little

1. Scope out great lighting

Take a walk around your house with a fresh set of eyes. Turn off incandescent lights, and see what natural light you have. Go room to room looking for bright light soaking your rooms. Seek out rooms with light or white walls for maximum light reflection.

2. Let in the light

Open all your windows, blinds, shutters and window treatments to make sure the maximum amount of light floods your room. Consider opening doors too because it only adds extra light.  

3.Dark walls vs. light walls

I typically like to photograph people in rooms with bright, light walls because it casts beautiful light onto their faces. However, sometimes I like to photograph blondes against darks walls because the contrast is so stunning.

4. Cloudy days

On cloudy, overcast days, take advantage of the even light source from above and shoot outside. When it’s overcast, you won’t be restricted by the harsh sun casting shadows on your subjects.

5. Sunny days

When you want to photograph your family or kids on bright sunny days, capture them inside and your light will be soft and even but nice and bright.

6. Close to the window

Place your subject close to the window if you want a soft glow on her face but a dark contrast behind. This is also a good way to hide clutter and messy rooms because the mess will fall into the shadows.

7. Away from the window

When you place your subject away from the window, you will see that the shadows become much less harsh and your room is filled with light. Make sure your clutter is tucked away.