By: Jennifer Little.

I like to get in tight and make sure the emotion can be felt in an image. I shoot with mostly prime lenses that have a fixed focal length, so it’s up to me to move in and out to make sure I get the shot I’m looking for. Once you get close to your subject for the first time, it makes it easier. I know it can feel like you are interrupting personal space, but it’s worth it to capture a sweet image.

When you are photographing children, it’s natural to shoot down since they are usually playing on the ground or on a lower plane, but forget what feels natural and get low. Shoot at eye level and your image will make people feel like they were there.

You don’t always need open empty space in your shot. Sometimes it’s okay to crop out arms, legs or even a part of your subject’s face.

When you’re at home, there are always opportunities to peek in and capture your loved one doing what they love, reading, writing or playing music. You don’t always need your subject to know your there.

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