Video Cameras for Bloggers Demystified

By: Jenner Brown. Photo by: Jenner. 

As you set out to enhance your blog with video content you may be asking yourself, "which video camera should I be using?" There really is no right answer and much of will depend on your budget and how serious you want to get with your videos.

The good news is that there are plenty of options to fit any budget. You no longer have an excuse to procrastinate your first cinematic masterpiece! Here is a brief rundown of the most popular cameras today.

1. Smartphone. 

Most of us already carry around an iPhone or other phone and these gems shoot amazing video. This option makes sense if you're on a tight budget because you've already made the investment. The quality is great, especially for online delivery which is a lot more forgiving than showing your video on an HDTV. Average price: you likely have one!

2. Digital point and shoot

Cameras like Panasonic's Lumix and other small digital cameras now shoot HD video. These cameras are compact and easy to take with you anywhere. They are perfect for a novice who wants the camera to do all of the heavy lifting with settings etc. Average price: $150 

3. Camcorder.

Once the king of home video production, these are now giving way to the more popular DSLR cameras (more on those in a bit). Models like the Sony Handycam are portable and shoot nice video, even if it's a bit "home-movie" looking. Most now record to internal hard disks so no more sorting through video tapes. They are easy to use and are the only example here that is a dedicated video camera. Average price: $300


When DSLR photography cameras began shooting videos a few years back it launched a sea change in the professional video world. Suddenly, thanks to the large sensors and pro lenses, people everywhere were able to achieve stunning cinematic looks for a relatively low price. The best part about these cameras is that they do double duty as pro photo cameras, too. Investing in one of these beauties as a blogger will allow you to create professional photos AND videos. Canon just released their new Rebel SL1 and it's miniature. At only $500 it is a great choice for anyone looking to dip their toe into the DSLR pool. Look for a DSLR kit with an included lens that will get you up and running in no time.

For more on cameras and lots of other video gear be sure to catch for the Video For Bloggers class on the Alt Channel -- Happy filmmaking!