Passive Income: Signing With an Ad Network

By: Melanie Blodgett. Photo by: Justin Hackworth

Bloggers who make money not only diversify their income streams, they have multiple income streams that are passive. Because what’s better than getting paid for something that takes little work on your end? One popular form of passive income that bloggers engage in is working with an ad network.

If you’re not familiar with ad networks, they’re basically companies that connect independent websites with advertisers. They’re the middle man. What’s great about them is they can connect smaller sites with big advertisers (I would never land a deal with Target by myself) and they do all the work of placing and changing out the ads themselves. Of course they take a chunk of the pay but when you’re doing such little work it’s worth it, right?

Ad networks can also offer sponsored campaigns and posts that can deliver a significant amount that once again would be hard to secure by yourself if you don’t have a huge readership.

The next question I get about ad networks is, “How many readers do I need to have before signing on with one?” The answer varies for some networks require higher site traffic before they even consider your site and some, like Google Adsense, require very little traffic. If you’re interested in signing with one, my advice is to shop around to find the best fit. Ask around to bloggers with similar traffic who are already working with a network and see if they would suggest

Here are some ad networks that are often used by bloggers:

Google Adsense


Martha’s Circle

Federated Media

Clever Girls

Evolve Media

Glam Media

Now get to it!