Growth Through Simplicity

By: Kelly Beall. Photo by: Justin Hackworth 

Growing your blog's audience doesn't have to be an all-consuming difficult process. In fact, you might be making it more difficult on yourself than it should be. Here are five simple steps to getting a leg up on the future of your site!

1. Have a good opening photo.

That image is the equivalent of your blog's first impression on any potential reader, some refer to it as the "hero shot." It should be the best of the best you have to choose from.

2. Say no to typos.

Spellcheck exists for a reason. And that reason is to have your back by clicking on one little button that helps you look refined and polished instead of negligent and in a rush.

3. Have an overall feel.

And by this I mean branding, which doesn't need to be complicated. Same color(s), same font(s), same size images, etc. A little forethought can go a long way!

4. Be conversational.

Be authentic and write in your true conversational tone. It's easy to read and sounds genuine, not as though you're using your manufactured "blog voice."

5. Post on a schedule.

People are generally creatures of habit, and by posting at say 9 and 11am (as I do) each day they can rely on you and your timeliness for refreshing content.