Four Mistakes Bloggers Make

By: Sara Urquhart. Photo by: Justin Hackworth

Blogging is a great job, but like any other industry, common mistakes can trip up the best of us. Keep your business growing in the right direction by avoiding these four common mistakes

Lack of innovation. Many people begin blogging because they’re innovative—the sort of people who are ready to try new things. But it’s possible to lose that innovation in the day-to-day process of running your blog. Successful bloggers continue to experiment: with new platforms, new features, and new ideas.

Solution: Get out of your rut and shake things up.

Take community for granted. It’s a mistake to stop responding to comments or feedback from your readers, or to remove features from your blog that allow for more interaction.

Solution: Remember your readers are the reason you have a job, and show respect and gratitude.

Become too busy to collaborate. When our plates are full, it’s hard to make time for collaborations, but the magic that happens when we collaborate is the stuff that expands our personal and business worlds in the most meaningful ways.

Solution: Even as you’re growing, make time to work on new ideas and projects with other bloggers or creative professionals.

Starve personal creativity. Bloggers are naturally creative, passionate people with a love for the subject you blog about. With daily demands and the routines of business, that creativity can slowly disappear. It’s up to you to keep it alive.

Solution: Do something fun even if (and maybe especially if) it doesn’t generate content. Enjoy something creative just because you love it.