Checking In On After-Alt Action

By Sara Urquhart.  Photo by: Justin Hackworth 

Often when inspiration strikes, life doesn’t slow down to let us fully implement our great ideas, pursue new relationships, or develop those innovative habits we were so determined to implement. So we thought it might be helpful to revisit your after-Alt intentions with this helpful list of questions.

Have I connected with everyone I met that I wanted to follow up with, whether it was a thank you, a collaboration idea, or just a friendly hi?

Have I reached out to the sponsors for whom I think I’m a good fit?

Have I developed or improved my media kit?

Have I taken steps to implement my new ideas for my blog? If not, what’s the first baby step? When will I do it?

Have I taken any action toward the education I identified I need, such as photography or design classes?

Are my expectations for the year in a good place?

Has anything surprising or unexpected come out of my time at Alt?

Has my thinking shifted in a way that’s making a difference in my work?

Am I planning to attend Alt Salt Lake in 2014?