Revisiting Your Goals For 2013

By: Sara Urquhart. Photo by: Design Love Fest

It’s July, and halfway through the year is a great time to check in with the goals you made in January. Take a few minutes to review the year so far, and see if you’re on track with what you’d planned for 2013.

What have been the highlights of the last six months? Take some time to appreciate the successes and triumphs of your hard work, and consider what you can learn from them. If you see a pattern developing or a new skill emerging, take note.

Look at where you’re falling short, too, and decide what you’ll do about it. Delegate more? Hire help? Work smarter? Or change directions?

If your progress doesn’t seem significant in the past six months, remember that change takes time. Look at where you were a year ago, and see if you feel any better. If you still don’t see progress, it may be time to reconsider your goal or adjust your expectations. Some initial goals may have morphed into new projects, or may have been left behind all together. If you’ve learned something from it, don’t worry when a goal drops off your radar. Instead, accept the natural learning curve of building your own business and be grateful for what you’ve learned.  

Fast forward to December 31. What do you hope to accomplish by then that will help you look back at 2013 with satisfaction? 

Think about your answer, and then get to work.