Alt NYC 2013 Recaps

By: Jenny Batt. Photo by: Justin Hackworth.

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Ch-ch-changes help you move forward.

It was my 3rd trip to Alt and my 2nd time in the house of Martha!

The 5 best things I learned at Alt NYC.

To say it completely blew my mind, is an understatement. 

And I'll never forget how magical that evening felt.

Still processing my Alt NYC experience.

I’ve always dreamed of attending an Alt Design Summit, practically from the moment I started this blog.

We heard so many great speakers and I met oodles of fabulous people.

I walked in feeling both nervous and eager, ready to meet like minded ladies and hear their stories.

To sum up my experience, this. Yes, this is how huge my grin was for the vast majority of my journey.

Even though I felt calm, cool, and collected, there were a few things that made me get all fluttery and excited.

Set a goal. Know where you want to go and stay focused.

I tried to play it cool, but guys, I was a hot mess of glee and excitement.

Dinner was delicious. I met some amazing bloggers and hopefully made a couple new friends.

There were a million amazing speakers at the conference.

The friendships you build will become a safety net and a sounding board for you throughout your endeavors.

And how the one thing you need to get started is DESIRE!!!

Looking back, it was such a whirlwind.

From the practical to the light-hearted & everything in between, there is a lot of wisdom here!

Dinner was an excellent prelude to the conference the next day.

I went to New York City to photograph Alt Design Summit.

I left feeling inspired and with new friends.

Be very authentic.

That one time at craft camp...

We form communities to validate.

How to edge paint business cards.

Then, the party didn't stop as we headed to another room.

What Grace Bonney taught me at Alt NYC...

Alt business cards...they're kind of a big deal.

lt Summit NYC felt more like a conference, whereas Alt Summit SLC felt like a blogging retreat. - See more at:
Alt Summit NYC felt more like a conference, whereas Alt Summit SLC felt like a blogging retreat. - See more at:

Alt NYC felt more like a blogging conference, whereas Alt SLC felt more like a blogging retreat.

20 things I learned from Alt NYC (and some drop dead gorgeous photos.)