Alt NYC Pictures are Here!

by: Melanie Blodgett. Photo by: Justin Hackworth

Thanks  to all of you and to our sponsors, our second year in NYC was just as fabulous  as we hoped it would be. We're pretty sure you're feeling the same way and want  to relive some of your favorite moments. While we can't transport you back in  time, our photographer was out and about every day capturing it all. See if you  can spot yourself - or even Martha - in the photos now posted on our Flickr  page

Not  only are those photos fun to browse, they will make your Alt NYC blog posts  shine. If you end up using some of our images, we just ask that you mention that  all photography was sponsored by atly somewhere  in the post. 

Have  you heard of atly?  It's the new site dedicated to learning and we've become instant fans.

atly offers  online classes taught by expert instructors in a plethora of subjects, from food  styling to getting more from the opera. Each class can be taken on your own  time, at your own pace and each student can receive instructor feedback. Not  only can you be an atly student,  they're also looking for inspiring instructors (like the Alt photographer, Justin Hackworth) to  teach hobbies and skills. Learn more and look at their current classes  right here.

Thanks for making Alt NYC amazing!