Making Your New Blog Successful


By: Kelly Beall. Photo by Sandra Freij


Starting a blog is awesome, I think we can all agree. But what are some of the steps you should be taking to grow your audience after you pull the trigger and hit publish? Here are some tips and tricks and that will get you headed in the right direction!

Stand out! Blogs are a dime a dozen, doing something unique and/or giving your site its own voice (yours!) will take you places. Here are 5 steps to stand out from the competition.

Get your name out there! Off of your site that is. Loving this article on how to get BIG names to know YOUR name.

Contribute! This follows closely on the heels of getting your name out there. By showing up on other sites you're ultimately leading new readers right back to you. (And hopefully making a few extra bucks in the process!) 

Editorial Calendars! Yup, planning ahead. You'd be surprised to learn how many bloggers don't take this easy step, a little forethought can go a long way when it comes to growing your site.

Search Engine Ranking! One of the more technical ways to kick up your readership is by ranking highly (or even first!) when people plug in searches. Here are 12 easy tips for a better search engine ranking. (It's a crazy science, but not as difficult as you'd think!)

A Marketing Plan! I know, you're thinking for for my blog? Yup, and here's why.

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