Branding Your Blog

By: Kelly Beall. Photo by: The House That Lars Built

Part of growing a successful blog following is creating something consistent, your readers appreciate a degree of predictability believe it or not. And building a business that people recognize and keep coming back to time and time again requires work, just like anything worthwhile. Everything your site stands for, your mantra, your image, all of it combines into something perfectly balanced. A brand. 

Here are six tips to help make your blog a brand, a great place to start digging in and making plans.

Here's a cohesive look at building a bright and successful blogging brand in our favorite format – an infographic.

Did you know that brands with a consistent message are more successful? 

Do your research and check out how other blogs are successfully branding themselves. I love this step-by-step blog branding article with a helpful planning printable!

Looks aren't everything, but when it comes to branding they count for a lot. The key is consistency in everything – including font and color choices.

Branding doesn't have to be rocket science, but here are the things not to do wrong.