Networking With Authenticity

By: Sara Urquhart. Photo by: Justin Hackworth

If a phrase like, “Your network is your net worth,” sounds painfully cliché, it’s probably because, like most clichés, it’s quite true. The value of networking in today’s business and blogging world is undeniable.

From the beginning, the intention of Alt has been to build bloggers’ networks. Networking is simply a matter of connecting dots, and Alt helps people develop those valuable working relationships that connect the dots from one business’s needs to another business’s solutions. If someone is looking to go to Point B, and your relationship can help them get there faster, you’ve connected a dot, and you’ll likely both benefit from it.

Network with authenticity and value by:

Listening carefully and openly

  • Being honest, confident and relaxed
  • Making your interest in helping others clear
  • Being memorable with a funny story or moment (that’s organic to the conversation!)
  • Not leading with your “big ask”; focus first on understanding needs
  • Offering to connect someone with other people when the need is outside your area

If you’re having a great conversation that helps move your work, or another’s work, forward in an interesting and useful way, you’re networking, and you’re having the right conversation.