What is Your Unique Selling Proposition?

By: Monica Lee

I believe that your unique selling proposition is, in fact, YOU. Nobody else was made like you, thinks like you, sees what you see, you are a complete original. Read that last sentence again. Let it sink in.

What you really need to do is learn how to express your originality. Get comfortable with it. Learn how to get your originality down on paper or in many cases, onto the web.

I meet dynamic people all the time at Smart Creative Women. A consistent trait they posses is a unique aesthetic that comes from their individual perspective. I call it their “creative style.” They have it nailed down, they don’t waste days wondering if this opportunity or that motif or color will fit with their branding.  They have complete confidence in their creative style.

They don’t worry if they fit in with the next trend or if they have replicated someone else’s idea.  They know who they are which frees mental space allowing them to move forward in their lives and businesses.

So how do you gain confidence with your own creative style?

  • Embrace your personality.  Accept all of your glorious quirks! Do you have some aspect of yourself that you find yourself joking about? It might just be your most promising trait.
  • Determine which parts of your fabulousness you are going to feature and highlight. A gentle narrowing down can help people tune in and understand who you are quickly. This can help you make sales and create loyal followers.
  • Get to know what captures who you are visually. Understand the difference between style, trends and being current. Your style might not be completely on “trend” but there is no need to abandon what you love. Once you understand your creative style then you can determine on how to make it current.

Today’s business climate is well suited for building a brand around personality and creative style. Even larger corporate brands are in the process of figuring out how to “personalize” their messaging. The time is right for you to embrace what makes YOU unique instead of just doing what you see everyone else doing. I can’t wait to see you unwrap who you really are!