Introduce Yourself Like a Pro

By: Sara Urquhart. Image by: Justin Hackworth

As an entrepreneur, you have to be your best representative for your work, your brand, and your projects, and that means introducing your business clearly and concisely. Whether you first meet someone in person or online, describing your work succinctly indicates your ideas are solid and informed, and that you’re an articulate, clear thinking professional.

First, explain what you do in simple terms. Consider two versions of an introduction. Which would leave the best impression? “I blog about lots of stuff, actually. I’m interested in so many things, so I love to write about whatever I find…things like art, design, fashion, you know.” Or, “I blog daily about the latest in art, design and fashion.”

The difference is obvious, right? Use the succinct approach, and do the same when talking about readership, previous campaigns, and future goals.

Leading with enthusiasm and passion tells the story of your business in a powerful way. Your passion for your work will help others remember you and your brand, so talk about what you love most, what makes you feel alive about your business.

If necessary, spend a few minutes crafting a couple of good, concise sentences about your work and your brand, so you can introduce yourself and your work with the confidence you deserve.