Alt for Everyone Starts Tomorrow

Are you as excited for tomorrow as we are? Alt for Everyone is kicking off bright and early tomorrow morning at 8:15 PST with Joy Cho teaching The Art of Being a Goal Getter as the first available keynote session.

If you will be joining us, here is what you can expect: 
  • An hour before the class begins, you will receive an email with a link and password for access. If it's not in your inbox, make sure to check your spam folder. You will receive an individual email for each class. If it is 25 minutes until the class begins and you still have nothing, shoot an email to, and you will be sent the login information.
  • To view the classes, no special downloads are needed but you do need to have a strong internet connection. Make sure to close out of any other open windows to prevent the video from freezing or running slowly. 
  • If the teacher's slides are jam-packed with valuable info, take great notes. While you will not get a copy of the slides, just like a live conference, but you will receive a download link to a handout full of tips and tricks from all the Alt for Everyone teachers. The link will be available during the classes you attend. 
  • Each class runs about an hour and the schedule is full so if you are signed up for back to back classes, you've got only a 15 minute break between each one. Prepare yourself with a snack and beverage so you don't miss a minute. 
  • If you have any customer service related questions during the conference, please direct them at Erin at She will be available during the entire weekend to help.