Rates for Contributing Positions

By: Melanie Blodgett. Photography by: Present and Correct

Some of the questions I hear the most about contributing to other blogs are about payment. To be more specific, how much should you expect? How much can I ask for and still be reasonable? I kind of wish there was a rate system for contributing comparable to a sizing chart for clothes. The fact is rates vary – a lot. Here are just two of the variables you’ll face:

Original Content vs The Reblog

From my experience, you will be paid more per post  (or have the right to ask for more) if you are contributing original content with your own photography and less if you’re posting round-ups or re-blogging material. It makes sense, original material takes more time and should be considered more valuable.

If you’re wondering how much to charge for original content, the best thing to do is to estimate how much time it will take you and base your rate off of what you’d charge hourly. Don’t forget the amount of time it takes to edit photos and put it all together. I would say the going rate for these type of posts starts at around $75 - $100 but can pay more with experience and depending on the size of the site.

Per Post vs Traffic

Another variable in getting paid is whether it’s per post or based on traffic. Obviously, per post will be a flat rate which will be consistent. As mentioned above, for an original post I believe rates start at around $75 and for a round-up type post, rates start at around $30.

Traffic rates will vary depending on performance and how many posts you publish so before you agree to this type of payment, make sure you’re okay with the terms and promoting the posts for best results. Depending on the size of the site, I believe $20/1000 pageviews would be a fair starting rate.

Of course, these numbers are just based on my own experience. When considering paid contributing positions and negotiating for payment, I would approach bloggers who are already contributing for the site or who are on a similar level as you and ask how much they charge for a better idea of what are normal rates.