Why Contribute?

By: Melanie Blodgett. Photography by: Gabriela Herman

Some of you may be excited about the possibility of contributing, but some of you may be wondering why you would choose to create content for sites that are not your own. Here are 5 reasons why contributing is beneficial:

Contributing is a money maker

If your own site isn’t large enough to pull in much cash flow, you can make money contributing. Sites that hire contributors have the advertising revenue to be able to compensate you. In turn, you can take the money you earn to help build your blog by investing in a custom design or hiring contributors of your own.

Contributing will help grow your traffic

Your traffic grows the more readers with similar interests are drawn to your site. Contributing to sites with a larger readership will attract visitors who will hopefully become faithful readers.

Contributing creates exposure

The more your name and work is out there, the more opportunities business contacts and sponsors will have to find you.

Contributing builds your resume/portfolio

The more work you’re creating, the more you’ll have to show when applying for other positions or looking to be hired for freelance jobs.

Contributing helps you become a better blogger

The saying practice makes perfect applies in blogging too. The more posting you do, the better you’re going to get and that will be reflected in not only your contributor posts but on your own blog as well.

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