4 Ways to Make Your Online Videos Stand Out


By Jenner Brown.

When you set out to create a video for your blog, there are a number of little things you can do to make them look and feel more professional. Here are a few ideas to unleash your inner filmmaker:

1) Shoot with a DSLR
If you've been shooting with an iPad or a point-and-shoot, you'll see the cinematic quality immediately when you start shooting on a DSLR. They have become the go-to camera of indie filmmakers for good reason--the gloriously large imaging sensor that provides the coveted shallow depth of field and high resolution picture. You can purchase an entry-level kit for around $800. If you're taking lots of pictures and video for your blog this is a must!

2) Learn iMovie
Pretty footage is the first step, but a basic knowledge of video editing is required to take your clips to the next level. It's time to learn the art of iMovie editing. Sign up for the online iMovie For Bloggers course on the Alt Channel where we'll be covering this software in depth with live tutorials.

3) Get Graphic
All of your design skills with Photoshop and Illustrator can be put to good use in your online videos. Thanks to the easy interface of iMovie, you can now effortlessly import custom graphic files into your projects to overlay onto your footage. This gives your videos a more polished look that can also tie into your branding.

4) Get people talking
Your goal with any online video should be to create conversation and generate comments. The best way to do this is to promote your videos across social media, driving traffic to your post. Don't forgot Pinterest; it's not just for photos. Many short-format (around 2 minute) videos go viral on Pinterest when they have a useful or interesting topic like a hair tutorial or craft DIY. End your blog post with a questions to engage people. Also, don't forget to take advantage of the massive Google search engine built right into Youtube. With the right keywords and tags your video will show up better in search results.