For Sponsors: Blogger Compensation

By Sara Urquhart. Photography for Lonny Magazine.

This post is a part of our blogging series for sponsors. See the rest of the series right here.

Remember that bloggers are small business owners. Approach them as partners that can offer you great value, and with whom you can build long-lasting relationships that are good for both of you.

Expect different levels of compensation for different bloggers. Someone who is just starting out may be happy to do some work for trade, but keep in mind that for most bloggers, this is their job. Typically, employees don’t work for gift cards or product. Although blogging is a relatively new and non-traditional form of advertising, it’s hard work and if you want a blogger to work for you, you must be prepared to offer financial compensation.

It’s appropriate for either the sponsor or the blogger to start the compensation conversation. If you have a set budget for your project, you can include that in your original pitch to the blogger. Or you can ask to view the blogger’s media kit or request for an estimate for the kind of campaign you have in mind. Remember, it’s important to communicate the end result you’re seeking and craft your agreement around that specific goal.

The good news is that if you treat this small business owner well, compensate her honestly and fairly, you’ll build a relationship that will dramatically impact your brand and can increase in value over time. On each subsequent project you’ll find your relationship is stronger and the blogger is happy to include consultations, brainstorming, or other extras in your campaign because you’ve built a great working relationship.