For Sponsors: Brand Ambassadors – Lessons from Dating

By Sara Urquhart. Photography via Ruffled.

A brand ambassador is someone who promotes your brand in the world of social media. Ideally, she’s a person who already uses and talks about your products, but she can also be someone who would authentically use your products once she’s introduced to your brand. We couldn’t help but notice some parallels between finding brand ambassadors and courting a special someone.

First, find the right person. Look for anyone who’s already saying nice things about you and your brand, either through your Twitter name or a hashtag about your product. Look for people who mention you in positive ways often. You can also look for people who are pinning and re-pinning your products on Pinterest, or posting about you on Instagram.

Maybe you have the perfect blogger in mind, but she doesn’t even know you’re alive? Before you set up a blind date, do some research about how she does engage with brands. What does it look like on her blog and Twitter? Look at her media kit and prepare your approach based on what you’ve learned.

Next, start a conversation. For someone who’s already a fan, watch for an opportunity to build your relationship. If she asks a question about your brand, answering her question is a great way to engage. Offer brand-specific advice. Chime in on other tweets and build a Twitter friendship. If you’re thinking about introducing yourself to someone new, use your research to decide on the best way to approach her: Twitter, email, or maybe even a phone call.

Finally, show some love. You can create lasting relationships by offering natural brand ambassadors—those people who are authentically loving and talking about your brand in social media—some kind of reward. Your brand is already fulfilling a need for them, so think about what you can do to show your appreciation. You’ll cement their affection by treating them right. To convince a hopeful brand ambassador that you’re a perfect fit, you may need to prove it with product and a little special treatment.

And just like dating, all that work it took to woo the perfect person will be completely worth it once they’re head over heels in love with you.